Trump isn’t just a racist. He’s a dehumanizer.

Trump’s specific use of the word “shitholes” is a successful selective strategy used by him and other racist Americans in identifying countries, cultures and people that are predominantly populated by people of color – be it countries on his travel ban list or by refusing to allow immigrants from certain countries.

It’s easier to garner support in refusing immigration to a shithole than it is to a Haitian. By calling those countries shitholes, tens of millions of dumb Americans simply equate that if all these other countries are shitholes, the people coming from them must be shitholes too. Which leads them to question, “how are we going to make America Great Again be allowing these shitholes into America?” No one wants America to be a shithole nation after all. Not even David Duke…HATE_OR_BE_HATED

“Just as the most ardent Trump supporters were about to give up on him in despair – he restores a lot of love in us by saying blunt but truthful things that no other President in our lifetime would dare say! No DACA! NO COMPROMISE – NO Sh**thole America! Hail Trump!” This was a tweet from David Duke the day after Trump’s shithole comments were made public.

The media again as failed in their discussions on whether Trump is a racist. That’s like having a discussion on whether water is wet or not. There are tens of millions of racists in America. Our president is an open racist and a first-class asshole. The founders of this country were for the most part racists as well. That’s not news. What is news and what should be discussed is Trump’s tactics in dehumanizing his enemies and foes.

It’s easy to hate those rapists (Mexicans) if Trump’s got your ear. He’s done the same thing with “Crooked Hillary” and that “Nut Job Comey” among many others. There are factions within Trump’s based that would gladly kill Hillary, Comey and every Mexican in this country today. Trump has been dehumanizing his enemies for most of his life.

Trump and I were both raised by fathers who were ideologically alike in their support and fanaticism with the right-wing extreme John Birch Society and the racist KKK. Donald was taught by his daddy (as was I) that it’s much easier to eliminate an opponent or enemy by reducing them to a less than human standard before engaging them in a battle – whether it’s in the media, a presidential debate or on the battalt-right-protesterslefield.

The immigration rhetoric (build the wall, ban Muslims, deport Hispanics, etc.) by Trump and the GOP is predicated on the impending shift towards a white minority in America and that is simply why they harbor so much hate, anger and resentment towards people of color. They believe this demographic shift is a conspiracy (a Democratic and Satanic conspiracy for many of them) to destroy the “Great White Christian Super Majority” and America as well. When Trump and tens of millions of other Americans say, “Make America Great Again,” what they truly mean is “Make America White Again.”

Unlike Trump, I was raised by a poor white, right-wing American who shares many of Trump’s ideological embarrassments. Dad taught me that black people, for the most part, were lazy, didn’t want to work and bought drugs with their welfare checks. “They hurt America,” I was taught. Good black people were called “African Americans” and the bad ones were “niggers,” he’d say. Mexicans were called “wetbacks” and none of them were welcome in this country because they took jobs away from real Americans (white people) by working for less. Dad was constantly trying to dehumanize our enemies and anyone who didn’t believe the things that we knew to be true. I grew up believing my dad was the smartest man in the world.

I used to believe that all homosexuals, atheists, immigrants, liberals and anything and anyone that wasn’t like us, were all out to destroy me. When I heard the words humanist, environmentalist, feminist, educated or equal and civil rights, I’d be irritated, suspicious and angry. Those were all code words for Communists, who of course weren’t humans like us.

My dad equated black people with Communists. He was so paranoid that he believed black people would take away his entitlements in this country. He hated black people because they wanted the same rights as us white men. According to him, their desires for equal rights made them pawns of the Communist Conspiracy. Same goes for women who wanted equal rights and believed that they were as equal as us. I believed for years that Martin Luther King Jr. was training black people to be Communists and Malcolm X and the Black Panthers were out to kill white people for sport. I grew up fantasizing about killing them. It was far easier to conceptualize killing a bunch of niggers than it was to go kill some black Americans. After all, I was taught that niggers weren’t worthy of being considered humans.

People who lived in other countries outside of America were not normal or civilized like us, he’d say. If they didn’t dress like Americans or act and do the things we did, then they weren’t exactly developed or advanced like us and ultimately, they weren’t as good as us. They were shitheads from a shithole country. People who weren’t American were subhuman. And because these other people were less human than me, it was easy to hate them and be completely unaffected by their deaths. This is a strategy that has been successful in dehumanizing our enemies, those we hate and those we kill. It can be a struggle to hate other Americans who share different viewpoints, but it’s easy for a lot of Americans to hate and want to go out and kill some libtards, pussies, snowflakes and shitholes.

“Shitholes” is just another dehumanizing word, this time created by a narrow-minded, fearful idiot to degrade and ultimately dehumanize another race. It’s easy to hate shitholes if they’re called shitholes and not fellow humans who happen to have been born on a different continent. Narrow-minded bigots, racists, sexists, warmongers and of course Trump, call other humans names to degrade and to dehumanize.

The same strategy exists in war. It’s easy to kill a gook, a towel head, a chink, a commie or a Kraut. It’s much harder to hate and kill people. For many right-wing extremists like Trump and my daddy, we’re at war. A war against the devil, brown people, liberals and Democrats to save America’s soul and to make it great again. Trump’s base believes this. Timothy McVie believed this as did I back when I was a good son who believed everything his daddy said.

Hollywood helped this dehumanizing strategy with the first real big zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead, which came out in 1968 and served as a metaphor for the impending communist invasion back then. The mantra kept repeating in my head: communists aren’t human. They’re zombies. That’s why it’s so easy to kill them. Zombies are commies… Let’s all kill zombies!

There is something seriously wrong in America when racists, paranoids and those full of hatred brainwash their children with their own narrow-minded beliefs. As ignorant extremists continue to breed, control the Oval Office, the Senate and the House – fear and hate will continue to thrive and more people will suffer and die at the hands of right-wing extremism. If you think Trump is simply a racist, that’s fake news and you’ve missed the point. Trump is a dehumanizer. After all, it’s far easier to go kill a brown subhuman shithole than it is to kill a Haitian or some guy who doesn’t look like me and lives in a straw hut.


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